Deluxe Checks Alternative. Print Yourself Now Instead Order

Deluxe offers a huge selection of high quality, professional business checks that come with standard security and high security features. Deluxe is a great option for small and large businesses alike, since its check packages range between 50 to 3000 checks, its products are impeccable, and customer support is readily available via live chat and phone.

Best For

Small to large businesses.

Customization Options

Deluxe business checks are fully customizable; in addition to printing your company name and bank information, you can also include your business imprint or logo for free. While there is no selection of check themes, you can choose the color of your checks and the standard typeface.

Check Styles and Add-ons

It can be easy to get lost on the Deluxe website because there is such a large selection of checks. While there are 4 main categories, each category has within it many different types of checks. Therefore, if it’s your first time ordering business checks from Deluxe, be prepared to set aside some time to wade through the various options.

Below are the 4 main categories of checks, with the various types that come along with each:

  • Laser Checks: Checks that can be printed from your company’s laser printer. When you order these checks, you must make sure that they’re compatible with your accounting software. Deluxe laser checks are compatible with over 80 types of accounting software. Check types include voucher, wallet, 3-on-a-page, and accounts payable checks. These are checks that you print from your company’s laser printer.

  • Manual Checks: Checks that you fill in by hand; includes 3-on-a-page, one-write, and payroll checks.

  • eChecks: Online checks that are as secure as traditional paper checks. You can create, sign and send checks from your computer or mobile and integrate with software like QuickBooks for seamless bill payments.

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