How Princess Polly Stormed The U.S. Teen Market With TikTok Try-On Hauls

Finally, some good news about a Royal Marriage. They may be from different walks of life, but the union between Princess Polly—the Gold Coast, Australia-based fast-fashion retailer, hugely popular with Gen Z females—and social media obsession TikTok, looks like a fairy tale romance.

And that’s even without an Oprah two-hour special to its name.

In less than two years, Princess Polly has become a U.S. online fashion powerhouse among teens and Gen Z consumers, soaring to become #6 favorite shopping website for the nation’s upper-income teens, according to the latest Piper Sandler Taking Stock With Teens survey.

Along with Chinese ultra-fast-fashion retailer Shein, Princess Polly has been the big winner in the twice-yearly surveys over the past 18 months. And it has come from nowhere—in Fall 2019 it didn’t even make the top 10—while in terms of female “online shopping mindshare” it scored even better in the same Piper Sandler poll, notching up fifth.

So what has sent Princess Polly skyrocketing towards the top? In part, it’s because the Australian fast fashion retailer was quick-thinking enough to recognize the potential of TikTok early and also thanks to a carefully assembled army of micro-influencers, studiously built up over the past couple of years.

Oh, and Ariana Grande helped too. In March the singer shared social media images sporting a pair of $74 Princess Polly jeans. Cue internet madness. Inevitably.

With its own TikTok presence registering over 240,000 followers, Princess Polly has nearly 150 active TikTok influencers collaborating with the brand and driving engagements with its young audience. While it has largely eschewed celebrity endorsements, there are exceptions such as Ariana Grande’s cameo and last year’s brand campaign with YouTube superstar Emma Chamberlain.

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