Is Farm Rio Legit? | An Honest Farm Rio Review

Farm Rio has become one of fashion’s most buzzed-about brands over the past few years. They’re a refreshing, vibrant, and fun brand born out of Brazil that will make you stand out in a sea of sad beige. You guys have asked me for a Farm Rio Review for months, and I am so happy to share my honest thoughts on the brand with you!

I know, I know — sometimes, ordering foreign brands can always feel a little uneasy. You might ask yourself: is this brand legit? What is the quality like? Will I get my money back if something doesn’t work out?

I’ve been shopping at Farm Rio pretty religiously for a few years now, and…well, if you follow me on social media, you know that it is one of my go-to brands. Full disclaimer: I was gifted once by Farm Rio in 2020, but ever since I tried the brand, I’ve happily spent way too much of my own money every season on this magical clothing line.

So, is Farm Rio legit? I think so — here’s my honest opinion of the Brazilian brand.

One thing that I love about Farm Rio is that they tend to repeat the same cuts year after year. While they come out with gorgeous and fun new prints each season, because the cuts on their clothing are very similar year after year, I don’t feel the need to overspend and get a whole brand new set of Farm Rio items every few months. In fact, despite these pieces being very bold, I find them to be pretty timeless, and I find myself reaching for them year after year.

I consign my clothes pretty regularly, but out of all the brands I shop at, I’ve held on to my Farm Rio pieces the longest. Are they the cheapest items? No. But they’re beautifully made, have exquisite details, they’re unique, and they’re items that I want to hold on to.

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