Naturalizer:The ONLY Heels I’ll Wear To Weddings & Events

As the self-designated Comfort Shoe Queen of The Mom Edit, I often get asked what shoes I wear for weddings and special events. Quick answer: Naturalizers. Longer answer: Keep reading. And watch the video review of the newest Naturalizers I tried (and didn’t fall in love with) as well as my review of my older Naturalizer heels I’ve worn happily for years.

Back to that longer answer…I’m a miserable human to be around when my feet hurt. So when I’m invited to a wedding or fancy-ish special event, although I’d like to say my first thoughts are how thrilled I am for the host or hostess, in reality, my mind shoots to fretting about what fancy shoes I’m going to wear and if my feet will be comfortable.

I begin moving through my comfort-shoe flowchart. Can I wear my beloved cushioned FitFlops that make my feet oh-so-happy and are ridiculously comfortable? No?? They’re not even remotely appropriate? OK…how about my fancy Birkenstocks? I mean, they have a fancy gold buckle…they’re good right? Not fancy enough? Hmmm…fine. Cute wedges? Cordani slingback sandals are SUPER-special and often work for events. Not this time?

FINE! I’ll wear “real” heels.

The Comfort Shoe Queen Tells All: Get Naturalizer Heels

I joke about insisting on wearing FitFlops and Birkenstocks and my favorite clogs to all events in my life, but in reality, I do very much enjoy getting dressed up, putting on ALL the makeup and wearing high heels. It doesn’t happen often, so when it does…it definitely makes the occasion feel special.

And it helps TREMENDOUSLY that I’ve found comfortable heels I can wear all night that don’t make me miserable. I mean, heels are heels. I’d definitely be MORE comfortable in my Birkenstocks, but for heels…Naturalizers are definitely the winner for me.

All this talk of getting fancied up with high heels reminds me: I’ve been thinking of trying Sarah Flint’s high heels. I had two women approach me at a recent wedding to share their extremely comfortable and beautiful heel find, and I’ve read amazing things about how truly comfortable Sarah Flints are. They are $$$, but if they’re TRULY as comfortable as people say they are, one pair of one of their classic styles for all the weddings and formal events in my future might be worth it. Maybe? I don’t know…they are WILDLY expensive, for sure. Let me know if you have and love Sarah Flints or any other comfortable “real” high heel.

Here’s to happy feet…always!


Oh hey, Pinners! This one’s for you…

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